Our Practices and Processes

NT Land Corporation abides by Northern Territory laws and regulations, and its projects are subject to standard application and approval processes. This also applies to third parties who have been granted rights to use, develop or occupy land held by the Corporation. It is a condition of NT Land Corporation Project Agreements that successful proponents must obtain all necessary approvals and agreements before any works commence on the land.

NT Land Corporation strives to uphold the highest ethical conduct and prides itself on maintaining good business practices across all its functions.

Releasing Land for Today

The decision to release land will only be taken if the due diligence undertaken by the NT Land Corporation shows a land release is appropriate – when the time is right and there is demand, or suitable development investment capital available to achieve its long-term vision and realise its full potential, for the benefit of Territorians.

NT Land Corporation uses competitive processes and engages external probity auditors and independent assessment panels to provide advice on its larger projects. This assists NT Land Corporation with its decision making in selecting preferred proponents and ensures impartiality and a fair expressions of interest application process for applicants to demonstrate their capabilities.

Some land releases may include handing land directly to a government authority or other organisation for its long-term use to be realised. This can be when:

  • Resources have become available to develop the land asset in accordance with its long-term vision.
  • Long-term use is so specialised that only a specific authority or organisation is able to deliver its designated purpose (i.e. a national park).

Holding Land for Tomorrow

NT Land Corporation maintains key Northern Territory land holdings until these are ready for their full potential to be realised. Preserving strategic land for its designated future use ensures that short term projects and activities do not damage or erode the long-term potential and purpose of the land (e.g. poisoning, clearing or inappropriate development of areas).

Land Management by Third Parties

Several NT Land Corporation’s land assets are subleased or under licence arrangements for pastoral activities and managed on its behalf by third parties, under its oversight and control. In most cases, these arrangements are not permanent in nature and assist NT Land Corporation to meet its land management obligations, including weed and feral animal control, fencing and fire management. Third party arrangements stipulate that any activities the party undertake must not:

  • Compromise the future use of the land
  • Impact on the environmental condition of the land
  • Be permanent in nature.

Land Accessible to the Public for Recreational Use

NT Land Corporation allows public access to its land at Gunn Point and the Pine Forest for recreational purposes.  The public are asked to respect the conditions of use for these areas, to ensure visitor safety and that the land is appropriately protected for its longer-term future use.  Unlawful conduct on this land is reported to the Police, who can carry out investigative and enforcement action.

Land Accessible to the Public for non-Recreational Use

NT Land Corporation requires its consent be sought for activities at Gunn Point or the Pine Forest that are not recreational in nature.  It can refuse to grant consent if it believes that the activity:

  • Will impact on the future use of the land
  • Will impact on the environment
  • Is not compatible with current or future adjoining land use activities
  • May compromise Government policy
  • Is unlawful.