Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the NT Land Corporation?

The purpose of the Corporation is to acquire, hold, maintain, protect and release land, at the right time, for strategic use, to advance the Northern Territory’s future economic and social development.

What is the legal entity of the NT Land Corporation?

The Northern Territory Land Corporation is a corporate body set up under the Northern Territory Land Corporation Act 1986 (NT). As a private Corporation, NT Land Corporation is required to act within all Corporations Laws. The Corporation is not subject to the control and direction of a Minister of the Crown.

What is the decision-making structure of the NT Land Corporation?

The Corporation is an independent entity governed by a board. The NT Land Corporation informs the Government of the day and is mindful that development projects are not inconsistent with Territory policy. As stated in the NT Land Corporation Act, it is not subject to the direction of a minister of the Crown. 

What are the day to day operations of the NT Land Corporation?

The Corporation is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of its land assets, as well as project development and assessment, lease and licence preparations, administration and property management.

How can Territorians be sure that the Corporation is operating in the best long-term interest of the Territory?

The Corporation exists to ensure that its land is available for future strategic uses, at the right time, to enable the Northern Territory to realise its long-term development potential. 

The success of past and current projects such as Venn Horticultural Subdivision and Limmen National Park are two examples that demonstrate the Corporation’s commitment to enabling long-term industries that contribute to the Territory’s ongoing development.

Who decides what land is used for what purpose? And when?

The Board decides when the time is right to develop or release land. Until there is critical population mass or suitable development investment capital, preserving strategic land designated for future use ensures that short term projects and activities do not damage or erode the long term potential and purpose of the land. (eg. poisoning, clearing or inappropriate development of areas). 

What are some of the Corporation’s specific purpose land earmarked for future strategic development?

  • Larrimah Agricultural Precinct
  • Gunn Point Peninsula
  • Wildman Horticultural Precinct
  • Marrakai Dam Site

How does the NT Land Corporation differ from the Land Development Corporation?

The Land Development Corporation is the NT Government’s strategic industrial, residential and commercial land developer and is a Government Business Division.

The Northern Territory Land Corporation is not a Government entity and has the ability to hold strategic land for long periods to facilitate the release of land when appropriate.

Was the NT Land Corporation set up to shield land from Aboriginal land rights claims?

The NT Land Corporation was established to ensure that land is available for use at the right time to advance the Northern Territory’s future economic and social development. Land held by the Corporation is subject to native title in the same manner as Crown land.

In what circumstances is land handed over from the NT Land Corporation to NT Government?

The NT Government can request that Corporation-owned land which is fit for purpose be handed over for a major development which will bring long term benefits to the Territory. An example of this is Limmen National Park. The NT Land Corporation held and maintained Nathan River Station, Billengarrah and St Vidgeon until such time as the Limmen National Park was gazetted in July 2012. The properties were then formally transferred back to the NT Government to be managed by Parks and Wildlife.

How do people contact the NT Land Corporation? Where can I get further information?

The Corporation can be contacted by phone (8999 3868) or email us via our webform.