Commercial crops to benefit NT economy

Australian melon grower ‘Greenview Farm Pty Ltd’ has been announced as the successful commercialhorticultural company which will undertake broad-acre farming activities on 200 hectares of land at the Douglas Daly Research Farm. Greenview Farm directors Jamie and Maria Schembri bring vast experience in agriculture and horticultural production and access to established markets.

Jamie said, “we have been looking to further expand our operations in the Northern Territory to develop more winter production of melons and trial new produce. This provides the ideal opportunity to lengthen and strengthen winter supply windows into our key domestic and export markets, including NZ and Singapore.”

Greenview Farm will also be growing an additional 65 ha of watermelons under licence at Ebenezer Waters on Oolloo Road which is expected to provide between 6000 and 7000 tonnes of melons to be produced in the combined areas all requiring local hand harvesting, grading and transport to market.

“We will be seeking to engage a local workforce, and work with local organisations and Indigenous groups and enterprises to get involved and develop new skills and competencies to contribute to the ongoing expansion of the important NT melon industry” said Jamie.

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